Monet's water lillies at giverny garden team building painting


Team Building is about building confidence in the individual and working together as a group. Our sessions encourage comeraderie and for members of your team to work outside their comfort zone. Typically, most participants have limited experience painting, much less completing a more complex subject. In only two hours working directly with your group, Richard can coax talent to come to the fore and help your co-workers, teammates or class learn more about themselves. He believes everyone has artistic talent, it is just hidden or dismissed early in childhood when we are told we don't have artistic skills. It is only later in life that many discover hidden talents. Allow Richard to guide your group through completion of a painting and you will see a difference in team spirit.

Our goal is to help your group find their hidden artist and build camaraderie among the members.  Whether you are part of a department within a larger company, a book club, a homeschool group, a sports team, a college social group, or families celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events, Classical Murals Team Building may be the activity you need to bring everyone together for an afternoon or evening of fun and creativity.

When asked, most adults will say they aren't artists. Yet, we often find that those same individuals have talents they've never exercised. Within the two-hour demonstration class, each participant will reproduce an artistic scene, step-by-step, following your personal instructor. Richard will guide everyone through proper brush technique, color mixing, and application of paint to create your very own work of art. All the canvasses are pre-drawn so you simply follow along with his guidance. Painters are encouraged to experiment with color and style to make each piece unique.


Landscapes: This veranda view overlooking a golf course makes a perfect study for painting. It is simple enough to be used for a team building piece yet complex enough to interest viewers.

This was a custom team building painting created from the actual view off a patio at a well-known country club. Richard can customize your team building subject and support your team members in recreating it to hang in their own personal space.


Still Life: Posterized still life allows painters to explore color choices and make areas of their work "hot" or "cold". Every color evokes emotion and we can capture that excitement by our choices. Join Richard for a two-hour team building painting session with a subject of your choice.


Landscapes: The sunny Italian seacoast brings complex interest and color to life with every stroke. Your team can create something similar in only a couple of hours. Richard will guide you step-by-step through the process so that everyone can feel accomplished.


Landscapes: A lonely boat adrift on the water with choppy seas in the background makes one wonder where it came from. The distant mountains fade against a dimming sky. Your team will enjoy the freedom they experience in creating random brushwork needed for building a seascape. This type of painting is especially good for relieving stress because there are no rules, only immersion in fun.



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