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From fine art reproduction for your church, restaurant, home, or office, to specialized team building events meant to cultivate the artist in everyone, classical mural's owner, Richard Rivette, has been creating stunning commissioned artwork for over 40 years. For business, he has illustrated and designed hundreds of advertising campaigns, brochures, direct mail and other printed materials. As a commissioned artist, he has created interiors, ceilings, theatre sets, and much more. You can view more using the Portfolio tab in the menu on any page. Contact him by using the form below, or click the Contact menu link.

An original based on Monet's Water Lillies in the Garden at Giverny. Students were able to create their own version.

Unlock Your Company's Creative Potential with our Team Building Events

Richard has been teaching painting techniques to all age groups for decades. While many people feel they are not "artistic" you would be amazed how many find their talent blossom when shown step-by-step how to create a painting of lasting value. Contact us to schedule a two-hour session or more for your group, department, or organization. We also supply "silent auctions" with discounted groupons.

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To schedule a team building event for your small company or corporate department please browse to our online inquiry form. He brings all the materials necessary to your location, whether a conference room, meeting hall, break room, classroom, garage, or other suitable location where up to 20 people can gather and participate. You can choose the style and type of painting you want to complete!

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Jungle Painting called the Peaceable Kingdom
Ancient Egyptian scroll Two paintings in process. An ancient Egyptian scroll reproduction of actual temple hieroglyphs. Above right: Peaceable Kingdom features a collection of animals all captured in a jungle environment.



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