Album Artwork: Rod Stewart's face is produced by coldfire on the moon for a potential album cover. The bursts and flares combine to recreate his hair and facial features on an otherwise cold, dark surface.

A limited color palette was used so the piece could be reproduced using lithography with only red, orange, yellow, white, two grays and black plates necessary.

Poster Artwork: Joe Jackson and his sax. This stylized portrait uses limited colors and a linear approach so that it can be created using silkscreen methods for posters, T-shirt, and other merchandise.

Stylized art is often used for posters, announcements, trade show backgrounds, product introductions, theatrical events, and dozens of other innovative uses. Richard has been producing unique styles mimicing any era of artistic expression, from Art Deco product packaging to record sleeves and posters, he is skilled at interpreting any illustrative style that the client desires.



Classical Murals
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